Doha:Mega Raffle Draw took place on june 26, 2016 at Mauither for Logic Mall, peer Muhammed won First Price(Land Cruiser) , Asam Sufi 2nd price(Camry) and 999 winners

POWER BANK , ABS+PC (fireproof) ,DC5V 2.1A , DC5V 1.5A-2A , 3X Li-ion Battery 18650 7800MAH , Extra Function : LED Light Display with , BLUE TOOTH FUNCTION 4.0 , Charging time : 6-8 hours , Size : 100*66*21mm Weight without package: 180g

Doha:Inauguration ceremonies of Logic mall took place on Thursday Feb 25, 2016,at Ummul Dome street, muaither,Doha for 20th outlet of logic group

Bulb, Home Theater, Iron Box,Trimmer, Emergency Light, Flashlight, Electric Kettle,Gas Burner,Water Dispencer,Juicer,Blender,Rechargeable Fan,Refrigerator,Air Conditioners,

Doha:Grand Product Launch with Mega Star Dr Mammooty took place Apr 08, 2016, 7pm at Asian Town Amphitheapre

Home appliance have made our lives so much easier. We cannot deny the comfort and convenience these appliances provide us. A day without these helping hands is quite annoying and troublesome. But these man made machine can break down or go out of function if not taken care off properly.